Food and drinks Tips/ Hacks Everyone should know.

Food and drinks Tips/ Hacks Everyone should know.

  1. Mixing alcohol with diet coke will get you more drunk than mixing it with regular coke.
  2. Overcooked your bacon while making breakfast? Crumble it and add it into your scrambled eggs!
  3. Microwave a Nature Valley bar for 30 seconds to prevent crumbs when you eat it.
  4. poke a fork through the creamy part of an Oreo so you can dip the whole Oreo in milk without getting your fingers wet.
  5. Replace the butter in almost every recipe with coconut oil. It has a rich, lightly sweet taste, and it’s super Health & Fitness.
  6. Nutella+milk in the microwave will give you the best hot chocolate ever!
  7. Crush up Oreo cookies and put them in a salt grinder for easy and tasty dessert toppings.
  8. put Pancake Mix in a Ketchup bottle for a clean no-mess experience.
  9. Turn bread upside down when cutting it, this will save it from being squished and is also easier to cut.
  10. Buying ice cream? Press on the top of the container, if it’s solid it has been properly stored if it depresses it has thawed and refrozen.
  11. Hate having bread ends? Turn the outward sides inwards to make a sandwich, perfect for little kids, they’ll never know!
  12. When you add cream, coffee stays warm 20% longer.
  13. When making tacos, put the cheese on before the meat. the cheese will melt and prevent the taco shell from breaking apart!
  14. Popcorn pops better when stored in cold places like the refrigerator.
  15. Hungry and want a ride home? Go t the local pizza shop, order a pizza for delivery, and get a ride home with the driver.
  16. Cauliflower dipped in barbecue sauce tastes almost the same as chicken nuggets and it’s infinitely Health & Fitness.
  17. Eating watermelon can help reduce acne breakouts and keep skin Health & Fitness.
  18. Slurping your food loudly at Japanese restaurants is actually seen as a positive gesture and indicates to the chef that you enjoy the food.
  19. Use a bread tab to hold your spot on a roll-on table.
  20. Put sprinkles on the bottom of the cone so the ice cream doesn’t leak out.
  21. Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar, honey and take 1 tablespoon 6 times a day to kill all the bacteria in your sore throat.
  22. When storing empty airtight containers, throw in a pinch of salt to keep them from getting stinky.
  23. peanut shells are edible; you don’t actually have to take them off to eat the peanut.
  24. Stuff marshmallows BEFORE you roast them! Chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, strawberries… endless possibilities!
  25. Put a slice of bread in a container of state or hardened cookies to make them soft again.
  26. Take a sip of coffee before adding sugar, you won’t need as much sugar for it to taste as sweet afterward.
  27. Have leftover coffee from this morning? Make coffee ice cubes, Can be used to cool iced coffee without diluting it.
  28. Taco hack: Wrap a soft tortilla around the crunchy one it’ll hold everything way better,+ you can put beans/cheese between them!
  29. Put a small amount of water in a glass when you microwave your pizza to keep the crust from getting chewy.
  30. Gatorade or Powerade is only Health & Fitness when it’s during a workout, and watered down. Otherwise, it’s all just extra sugar and empty calories.
  31. Turn your spoon upside down when pouring milk into a bowl of cereal to prevent splashing.
  32. Put milk, cream, and coffee in your ice cube tray to cool down your coffee in the morning.
  33. Grocery stores stack their product by sell-by date, which means the oldest food’s in the front. Grab the fresh food in the back!
  34. Tired of the jelly soaking through your PB & J? Spread peanut butter on *both* sides of the bread and put jelly in the middle.
  35. Reheat leftover pizza on a frying pan. It’ll keep the crust from getting soft.
  36. If no jelly is available for a PB & J, use maple syrup instead. Just as delicious.
  37. To cook bacon perfectly, put it on tin foil, heat the oven to 400 degrees, and bake it for 12 minutes.
  38. Making cookies and don’t have any eggs? Sure you could ask the neighbor, but half a banana (per eggs) works as a good substitute!
  39. Pour pancake batter over strips of bacon to make the best pancakes ever!
  40. To stop a popsicle from dipping on your hands, stick a muffin tin through the stick so it catches the mess.
  41. Push a straw through the middle of a strawberry to easily remove the stem.
  42. Stuffy nose? Leave a sliced onion near where you sleep and let it sit for the night. when you wake up you’ll have a clear nose.
  43. To get rid of fruit flies, fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar and a bit of soap. The vinegar attracts them, the soap will kill them.
  44. Putting vodka on your face reduces the chances of acne breakout by tightening your pores.
  45. Drinking chocolate milk has been proven to help relieve muscle soreness after a workout.
  46. You can text SCHICK to 24444 for a free Schick Hydro Silk razor.
  47. Extra Bacon and Extra cheese are free of charge with the order of Bacon Cheeseburger at Five Guys.
  48. If you’re a vegetarian, don’t try and make your pets vegetarians too. It can kill them.
  49. Shake a can of mixed nuts before you eat them. The larger ones will always rise to the top.
  50. If someone’s battling you for an armrest, Cough into your arm and put it back. Enjoy your new armrest!
  51. Eating bananas at the time of conception increases the conception of having a baby boy.
  52. Caramel Apple Slices: Hollow out half an apple, pour the caramel in, let harden in the freezer, cut into slices, enjoy!
  53. Hate that dust in the last couple of bowls of cereal? Pour it into a strainer first!
  54. To make BLT’s Or any toasty sandwich, place 2 slices of bread in a single toaster slot. This way, the bread gets toasty on the outside but stays soft and chewy on the inside.
  55. Honey, when mixed with vinegar and water, can remove worms and other parasites in your body.
  56. At a restaurant, you’ll never go wrong ordering the chef’s favorite dish.
  57. Simply touching money has been proven to reduce physical and emotional pain.
  58. If you have just eaten a hot pepper or another spicy food, eat some yogurt. The relief comes immediately and it works better than bread or milk.
  59. Use lollipops to stir mixed drinks to give them extra flavor.
  60. Nutella Cookies: 1 cup Nutella, 1 whole egg, 1 cup flour. Bake for 6-8 min at 350.
  61. The easiest homemade pizza dough: 1 cup of greek yogurt and 1 cup of self-rising flour… That it!
  62. To easily eat an orange, cut a slit in the top and the bottom and simply roll it out.
  63. Before you throw away a post-it, run it between the keys on your keyboard to collect crumbs and fluff.
  64. Eating Salmon can help your hair grow faster.
  65. When washing windows, squeegee vertically outside and horizontally inside. That way if you see streaks, you’ll know which side they’re on.
  66. If you want a good running form, try to run as quietly as possible. You’ll be able to run faster and longer.
  67. If you’re lazy, efficient, busy or don’t throw your wrinkled clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes with a wet sock.

Final Verdict:

There are a number of Food and drinks Tips/ hacks that you can use in your regular routine and make your work much easier to do. If you know of more technology hacks you want to share with us? Tell us in the comments section.

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